Information Regarding Health Insurance Companies In NJ

To many, health insurance companies in the United States is considered a mess.  A jumble of different state and federal laws, health insurance is required for every US citizen.  However, it can be incredibly challenging to figure out what health insurance options are available to you if you are looking for health insurance for the first time.  Below is information regarding health insurance companies in NJ, as well as information on the basic steps you need to take when it comes to getting health insurance as well as information you need to know.

Health Insurance Companies In NJ

There are several large players when it comes to health insurance companies in NJ.  The following four companies are well established in the state, providing individual and family plans both through employer plans as well as individually.  They include AmeriHealth New Jersey, Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, and Oscar.  The benefit of these companies is that they can offer a range of policies depending on your specific situation.  In addition, if you are interested in dental coverage, then consider Humana, Renaissance Dental, or UnitedHealthOne.  All three are health insurance companies in NJ that provide dental work coverage and insurance.

Why Should I Bother With Health Insurance Companies In NJ?

Simply put, you are mandated to get health insurance and find coverage.  If you do not, you will be subject to a fine.  Known as the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, you will need to have insurance coverage.  Plans are organized through the federal exchange into bronze, silver, and platinum plans and are loosely based off of what percentage of your income goes towards healthcare costs.  Typically, the majority of NJ residents in the past have chosen silver plans when going through the federal exchange.

Before rushing ahead with insurance, know that you may in fact be exempt from having to have coverage.  For example, if you are uninsured for less than 3 months, then you do not immediately need coverage.  If you are unable to find a plan that will cost less than 8% of your household income, then you can file for an exemption.  If you are a part of a religious sect that does not agree to healthcare, then you can be exempt.  In addition, if you are in prison, then you do not need to have health insurance.  Finally, you can apply for a hardship waiver to not have to pay the fee either.

A Better Plan

When dealing with health insurance companies in NJ, you can save a lot by taking the time and reviewing different quotes. Check out  quotes for health insurance companies in NJ at You can also apply for fee waivers and exemptions to certain plan costs, saving you a great deal of money and making the plans affordable if you go the federal exchange route.  You can also select insurance plans through what your employer provides if they provide you insurance through your job.